About Me

A short introduction

I am Mark, a 18-year-old who has a passion for graphic design. Helping my clients be satisfied with how their brands look gives me a very pleasant feeling. But that is not the only part what I love about my job. Making friends, improving my designs, and the communication with the client are more reasons why I find my job enjoyable and why I am still designing everyday for three years.


Doing this, luckily leaves me free time to spend playing my favourite sport, field-hockey, more than 10 hours a week at the highest level possible at my age.

Where it all started 

It all started when I was watching my favourite content creators on YouTube and wanted to support them by making YouTube banners for their channels. I made those banners while not knowing you were actually able to make money at the time by doing what I did. Later realising this, I set up my own Twitter account and started taking requests for a small amount of money. This small side gig eventually grew into much more. 


A year later I met some other designers who worked in the esports scene. This looked very interesting to me and I began working incredibly hard to get in an organisation called Circa eSports. I worked there for two years and I really enjoyed the work I was doing and wanted to do more. 


What I am doing now

After my experience working with AS Roma Esports and Mentality, I’m now working with Gankstars while also doing freelance work for either gaming related content creators or other Esports organisations.


I create various type of graphics for the organisations I work with. Most graphics are informational, think of announcement and advertisement graphics. However I also make brands look pretty by working on branding and social media backgrounds.


Whenever I get a design request I try to ask as many questions as possible to make sure I fully understand what they want from me. After that original meeting, the brainstorming begins. I usually seek to come up with a few different concepts and continue until the client is satisfied with my work.

My mission

I see each client’s request as a challenge. I try to apply different aspects of design in each request I get, which for me is the best way to improve my designs. I want to try and meet the client’s request and spread my creativity. I want to inspire and spread the design skills I learned over the years and help whoever needs help with anything design related. I am striving to reach the highest possible level design wise.